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Choosing the Perfect TV Mount

One size does not fit all in TV Installation in NYC. The type of TV mount you select can influence your watching experience, so let’s look into the wide range of TV mounts to see which one best meets your needs.

Mounts for Fixed TVs

Fixed mounts are the most basic and least expensive choice. They keep the TV flush to the wall, giving it a sleek and low-profile appearance. They are suited for environments with little glare and viewing angles.

TV Tilt Mounts

Tilt mounts allow you to angle your television vertically, often downward. This is useful for reducing glare from windows or lights and ensuring a comfortable viewing position from different seating settings.

Are you ready to make a wise selection about your TV installation in NYC? Contact Moving Services NYC’s skilled installation team now to discuss your requirements and guarantee that your TV is installed for the best viewing experience possible.

TV Mounts for the Ceiling

Ceiling mounts are useful for unusual configurations or when wall installation is not an option. They can conserve floor space while also providing novel viewing angles. Ceiling mounts are common in business settings.

TV Mounts with Full-Motion

Full-motion mounts offer the maximum versatility. They let you move the TV horizontally, vertically, and away from the wall. This is ideal for optimizing viewing angles and accessibility.

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Factors to Consider in TV Installation in NYC

Consider the following factors when selecting the perfect TV mount for you:

TV Size and Weight

Check if the mount can sustain the size and weight of your television.

Room Layout

When choosing a mount, consider the room's layout, seating arrangement, and potential glare sources.

Viewing Angles

Determine whether you require the option to move the TV to fit different seating arrangements.


Fixed mounts are the least expensive, whereas full-motion mounts are often the most expensive.

Installation Difficulty

Because of their difficulty, ceiling mounts and some full-motion mounts may necessitate expert installation.

With Moving Services NYC, you can choose the ideal TV mount that compliments your TV and the aesthetics of your home while delivering the needed functionality. Call us now. We can assist you in making a smart choice and will provide you with the best TV installation in NYC.

TV Installation Excellence

Why Choose Moving Services NYC?

Choosing the right partner for your TV installation in New York City is critical for a hassle-free and satisfying experience. Moving Services NYC provides an excellent TV installation in NYC.

Our Professionals are Highly Trained

Our TV installation specialists know the complexity of today's televisions and assure precise, safe, and optimum configurations.

We Prioritize Safety

Our installations are precise, reducing the danger of harm to your TV and your property.

You Save Time and Effort

They handle everything from beginning to end, leaving you with a perfectly mounted TV.

We Offer Tailored Solutions

We cater to your exact requirements, whether it's mounting a TV in an unusual spot, dealing with cable management issues, or installing a whole home theatre system.

Moving Services NYC blends knowledge, flexibility, and a dedication to client satisfaction. Call us now for high-quality and quick TV installation in NYC.